Miles bought a cozmo

What it does

Literally anything we program it to do. It has an open SDK and is capable of movement and facial recognition, as well as text to speech. Because the brains of it runs on a system running python and the SDK, we have the freedom of python to expand the capabilities of cozmo.

  • Passes the butter
  • Tells time (with sass)
  • Holds a conversation with you
  • Takes pictures of you and posts it to twitter
  • Rick rolls you
  • Repeats a certain quote from starcraft
  • Responds to being told mean things
  • Responds to being complimented
  • Responds to being told he is a good boy
  • Tells chuck norris jokes
  • Lets you know you're losing points if you push directly to master
  • Tells the weather

How I built it

We downloaded the SDK and started playing around with it, figuring out what it can do.

We created a voice recognition system with a third party library and created an intent system, where intents are defined by utterances. A number of utterances can produce a single intent. When processing a voice command, it tries to find a 100% match, then 90%, all the way to 50% before it decides if what you said was valid or not.

Challenges I ran into

Voice recognition isn't always accurate, so we tried loosely matching utterances

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Voice recognition with an intent system

What I learned

How to use the Cozmo SDK, and a way to structure a voice recognition intent system

What's next for Cozmonaut

Probably more voice recognition intents

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