We knew from the beginning that we wanted to make something to help other people. At first, we attempted to tackle the best community impact category with an app that connects members of similar communities (ie. poetry, spinning, gaming) through free related events in their area. However, we soon realized that this was beyond our scope as new developers. Restarting from scratch at 7:00 pm, we decided we wanted to make a positive impact in a small way.

Thus Cozie began.

Since studies have shown that journaling has benefits to those who have depression, anxiety, and stress, Cozie is an android app that prompts the user daily to reflect on their day. This includes an overall rating of their day, and a special prompt every day (ie. three things that made you happy). The app tracks your entries and gives a weekly snapshot and annual summary. Reflecting and journalling improves memory, reduces avoidance and intrusion symptoms, and improve self-awareness.

Helping people one little step every day is what Cozie is about.

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