Find vaccination slots right inside your terminal !!! Use CoWin_Terminal to get notified about when the vaccination slots are available near you ! Never waste time in your browser and never miss the available slots ! CoWin_Terminal will handle it all.


Simply download and install the app and naviagte within the Cowin_Terminal folder and execute the file, to get the app running. At any point you feel to tweak the filters or setting you can press Ctrl + C in your terminal and restart the app, and you will get results loaded back again blazing fast !!! You may also refresh the results without changing the configurations by pressing any key in the running terminal. To cancel auto-refreshing and further searching you can enter 'n' or 'N' character.


  • Search slots by state+district/pin
  • Notifies you whenever the slots are available
  • Faster than searching in browsers
  • Low end PCs can benefit a lot from this lightweight app


The app's installation process is quite easy. Simply clone this github repo from your terminal or press download as zip, and then unzip the downloaded folder to the directory of your choice.

Then navigate to the the directory and inside the CoWin_Terminal folder open your terminal and type:

pip install -r requirements.txt

You can even install this app inside a virtual environment proceed with creating a virtual environment (explained below) and then follow the same steps as shown here.

Creating a Virtual Environment:

  • Make sure you have pip installed, and download virtualenv: pip install virtualenv
  • Then create a virtual environment, copy paste the code in your terminal: virtualenv venv
  • Now activate this virtual environment
    • On Mac OS/Linux: source venv/bin/activate
    • On Windows: venv\Scripts\activate

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