Donations to Universities, Starting with University of Wyoming

Pitch: We want to have people bring their crypto to Wyoming, custody it, convert it, and donate it to University of Wyoming. There are many steps to get there, and the first step that we can do from our end as students is to have every student learn how to convert the crypto to fiat, both from a technology and regulatory perspective. We think this can fund crypto education and develop the next generation of talent.

Objective: Use crypto donations to teach students about markets, crypto, and cybersecurity Key Result 1: Ship a package to teach students to build a Coinbase soup to nuts Key Result 2: Difference is that we want to create a Coursera type of module, and make this open source

Demo: How to build an exchange How to build a donor page How to build 2-factor authentication How to build a custodial service (Wallet, KeepKey) How to implement an exchange service (Open Source) How to build KYC/AML (Holland & Hart) How to implement MSB requiring license

Stage 1 :Students can connect to alumni, and while the university may take time to accept donated crypto, we can use a non-profit Wyoming through the House Bill 125 Series LLC so that the donor can claim the tax deduction, while custody the crypto or fiat, for the university to claim it.

Stage 2: We as an exchange can operate and wire funds to other Wyomingites due to House Bill 19, Wyoming Money Transmitter Act, showing how we can attract out of state opportunities to domicile or establish themselves in Wyoming, custody it here, convert it, and make tax deduction in their wealth protection strategies

Stage 3: Regardless of the outcome of today’s Hackathon, we hope to use this opportunity to be able to continue the mentors at AWS GovCloud, open source projects like Bloq, and other universities to develop custody, open source, and common shared knowledge.

Conclusion: The vision is simple: Why would Wyoming exchange profits accrue to a California or non-U.S. exchange? Taking the lesson from Jeff Garzik of Redhat, we learn that this grassroots, homegrown experience can be a shared value. There must be a University in Thailand or Chile that could benefit from learning we have here building an open sourced Crypto Donation service.


Caitlin Long's donation to University of Wyoming

What it does

Build a platform to build the Khan Academy for Crypto.

How we built it

Built from 2 years as a CS teaching assistant, work with Wyo underclassman

Challenges I ran into

Need far more time to build courseware

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Getting to know CS underclassman, inspiring interest in crypto

What I learned

We need a lot more resources and coordination with faculty, grad students, and undergrads with the outside world

What's next for Cowgirl Technologies

Raise additional funds

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