We were inspired by the scene in "Into the Future 3" where the two main characters were in a shootout with each other, We were also inspired by the Doodle for Google game where you play as an ice cream cone fighting off baddies and each one get's progressively harder

What it does

In this game, you play as the sheriff and you have to shoot the three most wanted criminals before they shoot you, giving it the shootout theme. Press the "shoot" to shoot, but don't shoot too early!

How we built it

Essentially, there are two random number generated for each character you're fighting, one for when how long it takes him to draw, and another for how long it takes him to shoot. The one for how ling it takes for him to draw is not affected at all through out every single character you are fighting, however the second randomly generated is decreased every time. The baddie will wait for that many seconds before shooting you, but if you shoot before him you'll win. A timer is started when the baddie draws, then will stop when you shoot and will display your time

Challenges we ran into

Importing the art was a problem for us. Luckily we learned how to create sprite sheets and slice them in JavaScript so we could use them in our game

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We tried to polish the game as much as we could, to avoid any bugs. This required a lot of debugging but we were able to fix them all

What I learned

Some of the people on this team have never done Scratch or Piskel, so we learned how to use those languages

What's next for The Fearsome Three

  • New Maps,cowboys and hats
  • Enhanced gameplay and more cutscenes

Built With

  • piskel
  • scratch
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