With half of the team members only having a limited knowledge of coding, we really wanted arduino to be included in the project. Originally we thought of "What do cowboys and the wild west need?", and we got to farming. Farms are home to a lot of cattle, and so the idea of keeping track of the cattle was made. Originally, this device was meant to keep cattle within a certain radius of a point and then alert a guard dog if one strayed from the point in order to bring it back to the herd. However, after having heard of Radar.IO, we expanded that idea to a map with plots for the cows within that area, and the alert would then be given to the farmers themselves instead.

What it does

This program helps farmers keep track of their cattle (cow ID, gender, age, weight and location) and notify the farmer if a cow leaves the farm property, through a website and manual (Arduino) notification.

How I built it

JavaScript and node were used to make the website Radar.IO and Google maps database were to be used to create the cattle tracking system Arduino was used to to create the alarm (light on) for a missing cow, as well as include a keypad for the farmer to insert the number of cows in the pen

Challenges I ran into

We were unable to finish the project due to the combination time and knowledge restraints, so the map and plotting of cows in not completed. As well, the Arduino keypad isn't functional in the way it should be.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

When making the website, being able to keep the URL private so that it is not accessible to the public right away as it is unfinished. When doing the Arduino code, we had our weakest coder of the group focus on that, and to learn and apply Arduino in this short time was an accomplishment.

What I learned

Basics of Gmaps and creating polygon shapes on it Basics of Radar.IO and its possibilities Creating a local Server

What's next for Cow Valley - YeeHaw Hacks 2020

The next steps would be to finish the website by perfecting the map and adding plotting system, list of cattle, and alerts if one leaves the area. Then finishing the Arduino work, by fixing the keypad to be properly integrated and potentially adding an alarm sound. Lastly, all of these would need to be added together to make on final product.

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