Many hospitals worldwide are being stretched to maximum capacity. This has resulted in the over-use of vital resources and depletion of necessary inventory. Due to procurement channels unoptimized for a crisis, critical resource distribution is slow

What it does

With some hospitals hit harder than others, we want to optimize resource sharing between hospitals. By creating a web-based resource sharing platform, we aim to align hospitals on resource inventory and optimize usage.

Platform functionality:

  • Registration and profile page
  • Integrated inventory database, for easy addition of relevant COVID-19 resources
  • Visualize the relevant COVID-19 resource status for all hospitals, focusing on local clusters
  • Automate selection of hospitals that can be paired for resource sharing
  • Predict the upcoming requirements of different hospitals
  • Delivery services to create seamless hospital to hospital inventory sharing (recorded as a transaction)


  • B2B, low setup and maintenance costs,
  • Fully scalable from two hospitals to a cluster of hospitals, to multiple clusters
  • Following the corona-virus elimination, the platform can remain in use for hospitals in developing countries with scarce resources

How we built it

Our web application was built using the React JavaScript library, making it simple to create a simple and intuitive user interface. The application is logically split into two main parts: landing page and registration page. For handling the registration data we used the popular state container Redux, gathering our whole application state in a single global state tree. To store and fetch the data of our users, we used Google Firebase’s cloud Firestore, allowing us to both authenticate users, store and retrieve their data without relying on a Backend application. In addition, using the JavaScript library Leaflet, we integrated an interactive map into our landing page, allowing users to visualise hospitals across the UK.

What's next for COVWEB

  • Market surveying, interviews to generate user feedback
  • Incorporate prediction feature
  • Create web-domain
  • Generate partners with delivery companies
  • Create a secure transaction page

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