COVID19 situation in philippines increased in March and the fews hospitals did not advise public the capacity of rooms available . with some waiting in tents for hours/ days to be admitted.

What it does

the solution to help patients decide which hospitals has available capacity to visit for treatment by finding it for them.many hospitals are already busy even without the COVID-19. can also be used by Emergency room team when a new case of covid19 is positive where the recent locations patient has been to inform the public.

How I built it

probably using ajax php and toolset based. the goal , to display post of hospitals and rooms available - ward ,ER,sick room / quantity of rooms to have space for patients on a view, recent locations visited if any as a child post .

Challenges I ran into

link to hospitals , Develop the functionality of the site

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

What I learned

What's next for covTravel

to do at the event

Built With

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