Amidst the sudden outbreak of the deadly coronavirus disease (that causes SARS and MERS) today, because of which the lives of millions are at stake.Today with the internet along with other technological advancements at our disposal, we can fight the corona virus in a much effective way than the earlier times. All that is required effective management operations, teamed with strict obedience to the enforced laws

What it does

Our idea consists of 2 things.

  1. A location tracking app.
  2. An open website exclusive for every state in the country which shall be used both by the state government and public. We aim to make the app function in the following way (it is to be used by the government officials only):
  3. The major threat lies in the fact that many folks are still unaware of the gravity of the situation, and despite lockdown and quarantine orders from the government, many are disobeying the rules.
  4. Once a person tests positive for the covid-19, after putting him in isolation, track his mobile location for the previous 4 days at all times.
  5. Even if he does not have a travel history, track his every past local movement, listing out the areas he visited.
  6. List the devices that were within 300m radius of the infected person and notify them to immediately get into stricter home quarantine due to chances of possible infection.
  7. People within 150m will be even more probable of catching the virus. So, they must get advice to get tested at the onset of any suspicious symptom while maintaining quarantine still.
  8. The server maintains 3 columned tables saying time, place and devices in the places visited. This table can be converted to routes thereby generating routes, followed by prompts (for sending alert to required people)
  9. From the route generated, alert the device owners in the vicinity and inform them about the threat they have been possibly exposed to.
  10. This app then sends out safety messages to those devices, regarding the immediate DO and DON'T'.
  11. The places visited by the already infected person will be maintained in the records and timely uploaded on the website so that the masses can strictly avoid that particular place until declared disinfected and safe by the government.

The website shall be implemented with the following features:

  1. Within the state, every city shall have a specific code with specific codes for each locality within. The user based on his residential area, will enter the code and see the status of the situation there.
  2. The home page shall contain overall updates of the state, actions, and decisions of the government and other pieces of news regarding the covid-19.
  3. Apart from this information, the home page shall contain 5 main tabs.
  4. Tab 1: It will be having information to spread awareness and inform people about the precautions and preventions of the disease.
  5. Tab 2: If any public has any dire need to get out of his house for some important work, he will have to apply for online permission to step out, clearly stating reason, place and time duration. Any person found on the street will have to produce his online approval to the police, or else hefty fine shall be imposed. Each permission should be for a very limited time interval only and will be valid only for 1 outing.
  6. Tab 3: This is for viewing the safe paths. Government officials shall upload the routes and places recently visited by a newly infected person, seeing which public will strictly avoid going those places.
  7. Tab 4: This will contain a helpline number for putting up complaints against any individual or group found in the locality, not following quarantine, so that police can take action against them.
  8. Tab 5: For restricting movement even more securely, it should be made sure that within a radius of 1km, only one grocery shop and only one medical shop should be kept open. If people require something, they don't need to step out. They can order online using their locality code and receive the items within a notified short period. Both these 2 shops shall not be any random shop, but the government approved only. Also, stocks should be continually refilled to avoid a crisis. Deliveries should again be done by government staff only, who are approved and are traveling with full protection. No cash transaction should be allowed to prevent even the slightest chances of contamination.
  9. Apart from these, the homepage shall also display the list of the individuals who have been fined at the hands of the officials for violating the laws of lockdown and quarantine. This will instill a sense of fear in the public and stop them from breaking the rules and regulations.

How I built it

App that has input interface to input the data of a person’s location at various times of day. That is, in the input box, the mobile user will input the time of the day and will choose the place location from google map. So, location in terms of google map data acan be tabulated against time for each mobile user. The most important, benefit in this method against live tracking of each mobile through GPS is that user can input historic data too, I.e. past 10 days or so and location services directly accessing through mobile devices is a great privacy threat.

  1. Now, the server will have the tables with two columns with first column having time and second column with the google map location. Then the table could be converted into routes in map and user could even be prompted if the route constructed is the one he/she took.
  2. From the travel route network constructed in step 2, we could use that to warn the people who were in vicinity of infected people and those in threat from them.
  3. The warning could be sent to the app user. And the user can also input the travelling plans that, he/she will take and we could predict the safest path.
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