3D-printed masks to protect others There are many. But how can you best protect yourself and wear the mask for a long time? These problems have hardly been solved yet. In addition, many masks cannot be produced with FDM 3D printers without supports.

What it does

With our individual masks we will eliminate the existing problems of other masks. For an especially good wearing comfort and protection we test different levels of fitting for their applicability. The aim is to offer better protection to medical personnel and persons at risk, while at the same time protecting the environment. The masks can be reused and sterilized. Due to the high compatibility with many additive manufacturing processes, they can be produced practically anywhere. The adaptation is designed to be independent of operating system and location.

How we built it

Every person is unique and this also applies to the face. Our COVR3D mask is currently available in 15 different sizes. This allows every user to choose his/her best mask. This means that the mask fits better and can be worn longer due to greater wearing comfort. The better the fit, the better the protection and wearing comfort. Provided you use the correct filters and continue to observe all other protective measures.
Our mask is becoming increasingly better when customized. A semi-adapted mask using dimensional data already works. We are currently in the beta phase of our fully customised mask via Video. Since our application is exclusively browser-based, it always works independent of device, operating system and location. The customization process is largely automated using a script.

Challenges we ran into

To bring the project forward we need a network of medical personnel. Our customisation process must be tested by potential medical users and needs to be automated even more. The biggest challenge will be to apply and receive medical certification for our masks.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

With the help of the 3D printing community, we have already been able to make some improvements to our mask. One of the biggest steps was to define a sizing system for our masks and implement it for the masks. We are especially proud of the fact that a few days ago we were able to release a beta version for the full customization of our masks and this is now in the test phase. Over the weekend we could verify the process and proceed to testing the steps needed (video capture, upload, analyze, align with framework, generate mask design) on the production server to gain information from user feedback.

What we learned

The most exquisite solutions are not always the best, especially in terms of usability. Using dimensional data we could achieve a very high level of adaptation, so that the customized masks are already very good and very easy to create. Now we know what to expect from the next step we intend to make, since we are already testing it in beta phase.

What's next for COVR3D - bespoke respiratory masks for FDM 3D-printing

We need to finalize the video - based adaptation method and strive for medical acceptance, so that we can use the knowledge for the preparation of the medical certification. Our solution will definitely retain its value after the crisis, since it will further offer a tool to create bespoke accessories which are always needed, in good and bad times.

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