With vaccination rolling out, its hard for officials to ensure that all visitors are vaccinated and healthy. While also protecting users privacy. So we solved that problem using our app, by providing unique encrypted QR codes that can be scanned only by officials, provides data on vaccination and temperature, as well as providing history of location scanned, temperature, and status. This scanning method can also help with tracking, if one of the users caught the corona virus. This is very important, as tracking is one of the most effective way of prohibiting the virus from spreading undetected.

What it does

There are two isolated apps in this, one for scanning which is hold by officials, and another one for users where it will provide a QR code and history. Officials can scan the QR and see users vaccination status and last checked temperature as well as corona virus test data (PCR or rapid). Then the official can enter their current temperature, and the history will be shown on the user app.After successful vaccination

How we built it

The app is mainly built upon Android Studio, the code is in Java. We used Google Firebase as cloud database and authentication, and we created a REST API in Python to generate different QR code for each user. We ensure the safety of user's data as there is no permanent QR code, and we don't used to store user's data over server.

Challenges we ran into

.As it is a tech thing, so challenges and bugs are obvious. We faced many challenges making this app, many times our app used to crash, and we faced lot of errors while retrieving QR code from server. But we were focused and dedicated..that's why we solved all the bugs together.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

.The best part of the app is that it used to generate different QR code each time a user needed it. It ensures the safety of their of data, this app was mainly focused on Data Handling only. We completed this project together successfully, and we must be proud of each other to have such an amazing team :)

What we learned

We seriously learned about many bugs..XD, we learned about Google Firebase, Java, Flask, APIs and many more technical things. And most importantly, about our Teammates. We get to learn about Teamwork, this project was possible because of that only.

What's next for CovOn-21

.CovOn-21 is not this only, we will be adding more features to this, like Data Analytics/Visualization, we will upload some AR/VR to this to visualize attacking method of Corona virus and more disease and ways to prevent from diseases and stay healthy This app can be used by Healthcare workers and citizens as it reduce paperwork. This app will make it easy to visualize a lot of data that is collected during vaccination.

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