Elderly people are the most high risk people right now, but still many elderly who live alone have to go out to get groceries and food, which puts them at risk.

What it does

In this app, the elderly can put up request for anything that they might need, or any family member (who might be living in a different city) can put up a request for them. Then, volunteers can use the app to see list of elderly people who need things in their locality/area and deliver the stuff to them. Same locality/area is important so that the volunteers don't have to travel much.

How I built it

Android app using Kotlin

Challenges I ran into

As every country in the world uses a different address system, it was difficult to find an address component to resolve the area/locality, that would apply everywhere. Finally, we decided to go with 'Postal Code' for this purpose as they are almost universal.

Regarding safety concerns, the app doesn't expose the address of the elderly people. The volunteers can see the list of people who have put up requests in their postal code area and send a request to help, after which the volunteer's name and phone number will be shared with the person who has put up the request.

What's next for CoVolunteer

Hopefully we can launch this app to support the elderly during the lockdowns.

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