Whole world is facing a common health crisis at the moment. As the situation has a huge impact on every continent, life of every single person, many of us are naturally inspired to help any way we can. Our team consisted of software engineers, UX and creative specialists gathered together and joined forces to tackle COVID-19 (coronavirus) in the way we know best - creative use of technology.

What it does

As the World Health Organization suggests – the most important things that everyone could do to protect themselves and prevent spreading COVID-19 is to wash hands frequently and avoid touching their eyes, nose and mouth. CoVoid smart watch application is built for the user to easily develop these most healthy habits at this time of COVID-19.

Track face touches - CoVoid tracks every time you touch your face. With a backup of Machine Learning technology, the app can identify an intention to touch your face.

Be alerted and form a habit - Your watch is going to vibrate and alert just as you are going to touch your face. It is a really simple but effective way to form a habit you never thought you needed to have.

Track hand washes - One of the best ways to stay safe is to stay clean. With CoVoid we will help you to be aware of your daily hand wash routine. A reminder will pop if you forget to wash your hands in a longer period.

History and Progress - Analyze and track your progress with an easy to use dashboard right on your watch screen.

Challeges we ran into

Placing a neural network (and transfering weights to a different format) into a smartwatch is always a fun challenge. :) Additionally, with current isolation, data collection on short notice is hard to do - we couldn't just ask anyone to help us out by giving them a watch.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

In two and a half days we managed to cram so much: From designers building UX and UI of smartphone app and website, to developers building a functioning application, training a neural network and cramming it inside the smartwatch. The first time this thing beeped on touching face, we all were really excited.

What we learned

When the goal is right and a group of smart people that trust eachother to do their part, it takes days to complete weeks worth of work.

What's next for CoVoid

We started this with intention of actually launching it at the end of the week. App-wise, we need to add some historical charts, and pass the apple store submission process. We are need to deploy landing page (see here ) to web, as well as finish up with a proper video about our app. If you can't wait, the latest development version is available via Apple TestFlight - if you have an apple smartwatch (3 and above), drop us a note, and we will try to arrange TestFlight access for you.

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posted an update

Hello everyone!

Apologies for taking awhile to update. We were hard at work, and we have developed the app fully, as well as launched website on Monday, only a couple of days later than planned.

However, we are currently still in the process of getting the app through Apple App review process - we've had a three back-and-forths with the reviewers explaining how the application works and us providing the documentation whilst submitting it to their Beta program.

We have also been testing with few close friends that have compatible smartwatches, and received mainly positive feedback. There are some touch false positives when, for example, opening very high up cupboards, and there are some issues with the way app interacts with general Apple Workout tracking, which we are trying to resolve.

Hand-washing part works quite reliably, however, and no negative comments were received.

So, looking good so far, and we will keep you updated.

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