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It's going to be a year of coronavirus and till now this pandemic has not ended. Within this period of time, many have given their everything to slow down this pandemic and now it's time for give-back.

What it does

Our app has this following features:

- COVIDWarriors Section

Here, we have shared the hashtag of Twitter where the success stories of #COVIDWarriors are highlighted.

- Greetings for Warriors Section

Our #COVIDWarriors stay away from their families and work for us so that our family stay safe. For that, we have introduced a greetings section where we can share our wishes to all the #COVIDWarriros.

- Plasma Donation Section

Since Plasma is very essential right now for the cure of COVID-19, we have this section where people can help others via donating Plasma.

- Fund Donation Section

Donations to various relief functions will help authorities to establish health centres for COVID-19

How we built it

  • Basically, the complete app is built with Java.
  • We have taken the help of Twitter for Hashtag feed.
  • Using HTML & CSS, we have designed the web-page for greetings section.
  • We have also taken the help of Plasma Donation Org and Fund Donation Organization - WHO

Challenges we ran into

  • We wanted to make a fully functional app but due to time limitation, we left with embedding the web-pages.
  • Also we tried to make the greetings section like a feed section where anyone can share their greetings and it will get instantly published over there but it didn't wok.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • We are proud of our idea in giving a beautiful gift to all our COVID Warriors who are there for us each time to save us from COVID-19 and stay safe during this pandemic.

What we learned

  • How to embed a webpage directly in a section.
  • Making a dynamic page using Java
  • Functional Button Navigation Bar

What's next for CoviWa

We'll try to make this app a fully functional one where each thing will be done through the app.

YouTube Video Link:

CoviWa 2 Minutes Demo Video

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