Amidst this unprecedented covid-19 pandemic, countless people are draining themselves, both mentally and physically. During lockdown and quarantine, individuals have begun feeling lost and alone. Additionally, the lack of social distancing present in hospitals and medical clinic seems to enhance surges in covid cases.

Many individuals are lining up for vaccination appointments and covid tests which increases the spread of this ruthless virus within our community. This is where CoviTrack comes in.

What it does

CoviTrack is an all-in-one app and desktop platform designed to encourage individuals to socialize, maintain mental health, book appointments for covid-19 vaccinations/tests, and track medical symptoms on a daily basis.

With the CoviTrack website and app, users can book a covid-19 vaccination/test appointment at their nearest hospital, from the safety of their own home. CoviTrack implements the Google Maps cloud software, by allowing users to derive the nearest medical attention and determining which vaccine is available at that location.

Furthermore the 2nd dose of the vaccination is automatically scheduled to minimize the possibility of user error. The app's notification system reminds the user of their upcoming appointments. Also, the app keeps track of the user's vaccine progress and encourages daily check-ins through simple questions which can be used to derive valuable insight on the user's health.

To improve mental health in quarantine, users can utilize the app to connect with other users who are also in quarantine and are looking for an opportunity to socialize. Through themed video group calls (that can be both created or joined), users can experience human interaction to reduce emotions of isolation and anxiety.

Through CoviTrack's website, users are encouraged to name and track their symptoms. Upon tracking, user's are then urged to seek medical examination for covid-19 related symptoms. By doing so, Covi-track aims to swiftly identify and investigate medical cases suspected for covid-19 within our community.

How we built it

All prototypes of the CoviTrack app have been created using figma.

The CoviTrack website was constructed using html5, css3, and JavaScript. The code was built on the Visual Studio Software.

Challenges we ran into

With this being our first 24-hour hackathon, our team ran into some time-constraints early on, however, with strong communication and critical-thinking skills we were able to put together a decent platform for our CoviTrack idea.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Despite the obstacles we faced, our team is proud of the fact that we managed to pull off creating both an app and website. We weren’t entirely sure if we would be able to create 2 different models in such a short time, so completing the entire project was very exciting.

More specifically we are also proud of the following features:

  1. Symptom tracker on our webpage.

  2. App's ability connect users to themed video calls with peers from their community.

  3. VR reward badge for vaccinated users

  4. Search feature for hospitals near you and available appointment times to prevent chaotic line-up for vaccine appointments

  5. Reminder for scheduled appointment for covid vaccine/test

What we learned

Through this 24-hour hackathon, we surely learned valuable skills regarding UX/UI design as well as web development (i.e. JavaScript integration).

Aside from technical skills, our team also learned the importance of strong communication, collaboration, decision-making, and critical-thinking skills. We also developed our time-management, organizing, planning skills - all of which we will surely build on in the future as well.

What's next for CoviTrack

Our team did not get around to making the website compatible with all screen-sizes in the given timeframe, but in the near future we hope to update its sources using additional css features such as flex-box. Moreover, we hope to implement the sass framework on our css source file to minimize existing redundancies and make our webpages more easily modifiable in the future.

We also hope to implement a individual Google Maps API, to allow users to directly schedule appointments and view nearby medical locations from the CoviTrack's app and website.

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