In a world occupied by technology every solution for problems owes its root to the tech. Needless to say, every milestone we achieved so far is backed up by a technology We believe that it is our responsibility to make lives swift for those people who deserve a chance . A global pandemic resulted in various unexpected turns of lives, financially, physically and mentally. Quarantines, Social distancing, curfews made life out of color. Covid-19, which is responsible for most of the drastic is still in effect, spreading exponentially all over the world. Various mutated strains of covid-19 are also found in various parts of the world, which diminished the hope of normal life even after vaccines.

What it does

  • CoviTrack is mobile application backed by a web-application developed to capture home quarantined patient’s home location and digitalise the daily health assessment checks. It also helps the healthcare systems to maintain and monitor the home isolated patients by capturing their home location and track their progress through the health parameters. The patients can digitalise the daily health assessment checks* and also alert the hospitals whenever in need of emergency services.

  • The patient who are registered by the hospitals can only access the mobile application by giving their ID and email address.

  • They have to make sure that all permissions are allowed for the app to work successfully in real-time. It is important and required for the patient to submit a daily self-assessment symptoms test each day for 14 days of the quarantine period.

  • The patients can also avail an emergency alert and the healthcare systems will get alerted immediately and shall arrange help wherever possible.

  • The hospitals can add the home quarantined patient details via the web application and in turn provide the patients with the required credentials to login to the mobile app.

  • They can get real-time emergency alerts sent by the patients directly and respond to them.They can also monitor the patients home location and manage their prescriptions.

  • This app will be of a great help to the hospitals acting as their digitised database and also helps the home isolated patients to cope up during their toughest situations.

How we built it

  • Azure Postgresql- For the database
  • Azure App Services - For Hosting the web application
  • Flutter - For the mobile application
  • Flask - For the web backend
  • HTML&CSS - For the frontend

Challenges we ran into

  • Using Azure products was entirely new to all of us. Each has to know how applications on top of these products.
  • Developing both web and mobile application took a bit of time for us.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Knowing how to use Azure Databases and also deploy web applications in azure.

  • Being able to give an effective solution for home quarantined patients.

  • The interface is also clean, intuitive, and functional.

  • Even though we had a few difficulties ,we're definitely proud that we didn't leave this journey in between and we took all the difficulties as challenges.

What we learned

We learned a lot about time management and new ways to organize and plan our ideas and also how to divide our time between specific tasks and work more efficiently! We learnt the importance of *teamwork , collaboration , and communication. That's how we're here as AGADA.

What's next for CoviTrack

  • Adding Voice notification System for the patients.
  • Early detection system to diagnose the covid-19.
  • Providing safe and comfortable channels for patients to communicate with others on social media
  • More interactive tasks to battle the disease for the patients.
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