While in quarantine we noticed how millions of Americans are just staying at home with nothing to do and facing extreme problems such as job loss, loneliness, ect.) Getting out of your house especially in this Covid-19 situation is extremely difficult and unsafe for majority of the people so we wanted to help make it safer.

What it does

CoviTrack is an app used to track neighborhoods and alert users of neighborhoods with high covid cases to ensure user safety while stepping out. Along with this virtual map that pinpoints and alerts users of covid cases, it also has a side by side, easily accessible, Covid-19 statistics feature which updates every 10 minutes. It supplies the user with data on deaths, recovery, and critical conditions.

Challenges we ran into

Originally, we wanted to send a notification/alert to the users entire contact list. This way family members would get notified if the user went into a high risk neighborhood. We wanted to do this using firebase and cloudsharing but the problem proved to be much more difficult. After countless hours of working with firebase and downloading pods, we couldn't get it to work so we decided to stick with just sending a notification to the user.

What we learned/Achievements

During this hackathon, we learned how to use JSON/data parsing in swift and work with more notification libraries. We also learned how to work with MapKit and get it to showcase data/pinpoints on where covid cases were located. Next, we also learned how to work more with CoreML (SwiftUI's Machine Learning Kit) and train it to detect how frequently a user went to a certain neighborhood with Covid-19.

What's next for CoviTrack

In the future we want to :

  • Send a notification to a users contact list when in high risk neighborhood
  • Using Firebase and Cloud Sharing to send data from one user to another device
  • Use ML to predict which neighborhoods will have Covid based on already existing cases
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