CovIt is made to remove the hurdles of people for getting information, booking vaccine appointment for covid-19, as there are so many websites there and are tough to handle, so covit fills the gap by enabling a 3d chatbot to interact and help people with personal touch.

What it does

CovIt helps people to get information about covid 19, it helps in booking a vaccine appointment, Telling cases in your localilty, It is a 3d chatbot that can talk with people it also helps people in quarentine to keep their mental health good by talking with a personal touch with our chatbot "Dia" and helps to prevent any kind of depression or mental health issues

How we built it

We have first divided the project in two parts Frontend Backend

In Frontend we have used blender to make 3d model , then integrated it with oculus lypsync sdk to make the facial movements of bot, and integrated the model in unity engine ,also we have made a easy to use UI to help people. Then we made a website link to give overall understanding for using it.

In backend we have trained our chatbot in ibm watson engine, and connected the database to Neo4j with Apoc library, then we used the webhooks in unity to connect the backed to UI, Also we have used text to speech and speech to text modules in unity to make the bot real human

Additional We have connected the chatbot with whatsapp using the two way webhook from watson to twillio and thus made our chatbot work with whatsapp

We have also made a website and integrated the chat with embeded webhooks ,which enables cross platform functionality and users can talk with chatbot directly at website

Challenges we ran into

We are having trouble while calling json file from local directory, Apoc library can't access the local json files as the json file which is hosted on the internet is easily accessible without any error so we planned to host covIt in a server

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We have made a complete product that can be relly helpful solving problems of people and it completes the goals of theme

What we learned

We have learned a lot with the sessions provided we devloped a more vast knowledge about Apoc library,GraphQi, Neo4j and while implementing this in our project we learned more practically that made our project complete

What's next for CovIt

First we will host CovIt on server, then we are planning to give graphical visuals to users making more it more freindly to understand graphs for this we are working with GraphQi, Also working on api's to make it availible on google assistant using Ifttt , making the ui more better and using Neo4j and Apoc library to analyse data more precisely

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