Currently, our understanding of COVID-19 infection counts is limited to the state or county level as cities report their COVID-19 infections to the county government, and thus are reported as such. Our team noticed that for those traveling to new locations, it may be difficult to find the destination's current state of COVID-19 because one may not know the county that their destination city is in. CoVisClear aims to make traveling in these unprecedented times easier by showing you the most up to date COVID-19 infection data at your city/state destination in an easy-to-understand format, making your travel plans easier.

Sample Inputs

Corvallis, OR Orange, FL Kansas City, MO Boston, MA

Challenges We ran into

Some state entries (e.g. CA, AZ) are being interpreted as country codes and do not show up. When a search times out or fails, 404/500 pages do not show.

What's next for CoVisClear

Fixing aforementioned bugs, adding more available data to be shown such as cases/deaths/recoveries today to demonstrate "up to date"-ness (we already have access to this up-to-date data, just need to display it). Furthemore, include restaurants/places of interest along with their up-to-date hours, phone #, other relevant info.

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