During this moment of deconfinement I was taking a train, I was able to observe in public places that people find it difficult to respect social distancing. That inspired me to create a system that not only helps to respect social distancing but also to allow the population to have their health status in real time.

What it does

The CoviS system will consist of a smart bracelet connected to a web platform. This platform will then be connected to the medical systems of several hospitals. This bracelet will be composed of several sensors designed to analyze the distance between two people, if the distance is not respected, a vibration will be made to warn the user. Then this bracelet will have sensors to analyze the variation of the user's body temperature in real time as well as his heart rate and other symptoms. All the data will be sent in real time to the server of the platform and to the user's private doctor, who can choose what to recommend based on the data received. It should be noted that thanks to the artificial intelligence used in the system, the doctor will first have a first diagnosis of the patient's state of health. It will be possible for a user to consult in real time his results and statistics on a computer thanks to our web interface. CoviS wants to be closer to people to help them not only to respect social distance but also to have real time health assistance that allows them to know their health status.

How I built it

As part of the development of this system, we are at the MVP stage. To build the web platform, we used HTML, CSS, javascript and we will use javascript libraries dedicated to artificial intelligence for data processing. We will have to create an API to connect our system to the system of a hospital for example. The bracelet is already available and we will work on the advanced features.

Challenges I ran into

The first challenge I faced was to convince my colleagues to join me in this idea. Eventually I was able to show them the advantages that such a system could have in the management of pandemics such as Covid-19 as well as on the well being of the people in a community.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I am already proud to give life to this idea which will have many positive repercussions on people's lives. I think what I will be most proud of is seeing this system help the Canadian community as well as other communities as well.

What I learned

The most important thing that I retain is that there are no failures, they are just opportunities to start again in order to reach the goal.

What's next for CoviS

The next step for CoviS is to meet other key partners and have the necessary funding to finalize our prototype in order to quickly put in the next six (6) months, a more complete trial version.

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