We all know that during Covid-19, the hospitals are overwhelmed and this is the case for all the countries of the world and mainly my country Haiti with a population of 10,000,000 million inhabitants and no more than 5 hospitals to treat people.

We were facing this great challenge because there are not enough adequate hospitals to treat the people but we can count thousands of health professionals.

At the slightest symptom, people rush to go to the hospitals, which may increase the number of infected people.

With this in mind, we have thought about providing a digital solution that allows us to constantly monitor people's symptoms online: CoviS (Covid-19 System).

It is a web platform that is connected to an intelligent watch with the mission to constantly monitor the body temperature level of the person's body, his or her cough level and other important symptoms related to Covid-19.

From the daily data sent, users can communicate permanently with specialists to follow their recommendations.

CoviS is intended to be a platform that not only allows people to monitor their health status but also helps health care workers to better manage people potentially infected with Covid-19.

This platform will also allow governments to better control the spread of the pandemic in communities.

The web demo version is already available for testing.

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