In recent times, COVID-19 has reached new heights, that has lead to mismanagement of resource related to treating COVID-19 patients. People reached out to social media for medicines, Beds, and oxygen. Thus for efficient management of resources and users can avail correct information of resources, COVINSTORE is the right destination.

What it does

COVINSTORE is a web-based application for COVID-19 related resources. It uses CRUD operations i.e Create, Delete, Update and Read wherein users can search for the resource, else add a piece of information about a resource and update its information or else delete the resource once availed. It also has a COVID-19 sample symptom checker which predicts getting a COVID through inputted data.

How we built it

For Frontend, I used HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, and JavaScript for better viewing and responsiveness of the website. For routing, I used Express.js, Embedded JavaScript, Node.js, and its modules. For Backend, I used Firebase and Firestore a NoSQL language that manages data in a real-time database environment and helps in the operation of CRUD. For hosting, I used the Heroku platform and Github which does the continuous deployment of the project.

Challenges we ran into

Working in the remote environment, how to manage code and deploy using GIT & GitHub. Due to Github changed policy of using personal access tokens I faced issues in pushing and committing the code, Thanks to the Mentors I was able to rectify the errors. I learned about routing using EJS and express and continuously deploying the project in the Heroku platform. I used Firebase as my backend which was quite new to me to apply the logic for CRUD operations , I referred to various blogs and videos to successfully implement it. I tried integrating twitter API to the website, but couldn't complete it.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The whole setup of my website, I was able to work with routing and continuous deployment. I am happy to bring data from my database to the front end of my website. The responsiveness of my website, dynamically rendering the website contents and at last pulling of the project within the timeframe of the hackathon.

What we learned

EJS, various GIT operations, Node.js , responsiveness of the website using bootstrap, etc. How to convert design to code and many more like, Making attractive slides using canva

What's next for COVINSTORE

To include Twitter API for more information of the COVID-19 resource.

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