I was cooped in a room alone, with my hands and clothes and everything around me only smelling of sanitizer. Yes, I got tested COVID positive only day before yesterday which dropped a reality bomb of extreme fatigue, weakness, body aches on me with no ceremony and down went my hopes of being able to code all weekend for RU Hacks, which I had marked since last month. As if that wasn't enough, the level of mental isolation and loneliness that I faced, the weird feeling of being alone in spite of having people on the other end of the door was so overwhelming. Instantly, I was taken over by this idea of building a safe online space for COVID-19 affected individuals where they could relax and try to forget about the dreaded disease, even if only for a few minutes per day. Hence, Covikind was born.

What it does

Covikind is a safe online space to enable patients who have had to socially distance, to enjoy some peaceful time online without judgement and with useful resources that can help them take care of their mental health like meditation, blogs, breathing exercises, etc. It also has fun features like a tic tac toe game, a painting sheet and even a quarantine journaling page.

How I built it

  • I built the UI/UX designs of the website using pen and paper first, Figma second
  • I coded the front end of the website with HTML5, CSS3 and Javascript.
  • For the Journaling page, I stored the journal entries using Javascript Localstorage.
  • I hosted the website through a Qoom public project space.

Challenges I ran into

  • My body was very weak due to the virus due to which I couldn't code at a stretch, plus my eyes also hurt whenever I tried to focus for more than even a few minutes.
  • Apart from that, it was my very first time working with Localstorage, which I definitely took some time to get a hang of and thoroughly enjoyed.
  • I also couldn't commit to any team as I had intended to initially because I was unsure as to how much I would be able to contribute due to my health, therefore, doing everything alone from scratch was tough.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

  • I utilized PaperCSS to its best abilities and to mine in order to make the website look so different than a lot that I've worked on before.
  • The entire website is completely responsive, therefore, can be conveniently viewed on all screen sizes.
  • I have made a lot of effort on the UI and put a lot of thought into it. For instance, all the lighter shade matte colors used overall are so that the user can rest their eyes and calm their nerves (something that I would have been grateful for this weekend!)

I'll be honest that this was the toughest hackathon ever for me due to a lot of reasons that had less to do with the technical difficulty of the hack and more with my own health and situational constraints this weekend. I am really proud that I pulled off this much despite everything!

What I learned

  • I learned to work with Localstorage and how to store elements to it, update it and show elements from it.
  • I also familiarized myself with PaperCSS which is a really lightweight CSS framework and which provides my website with the overall paper-y chic look!
  • I also learnt to be patient with myself.

What's next for Covikind

  • A dark mode toggle, so as to relax the user's eyes even more and thereby, enhance accessibility.
  • A web chatting option.
  • Fixing any of the minute UI details that I missed out on due to the short time.
  • A possible support group with peers and therapists.
  • A reminder system to relieve anxiety by remembering med times, eating hours, etc. for users.

Targeted Sponsored Prize Categories

  • Best Use of Qoom Challenge
  • iBoost - Big Tech Ideas with Big Impact
  • Best Domain Registered with

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