COVIE-20 is a cooperative VR game. In this game, you and your partner will work together as white blood cells to catch the bad virus! To play this game, you need to prepare a Oculus Quest, a computer,a mobile device to access the website and also at least a friend.

Here is an example of the gameplay. When the game starts, the player who uses Oculus Quest will see different kinds of viruses and the code on the screen. Some of those viruses shown are harmful, while some are safe. VR Player is unable to identify the harmful viruses by his own, so he needs help from the computer player by telling her the code.

After the computer player enters the code on our website, it will connect to the corresponding viruses database, which all viruses shown are the harmful ones in this round. By describing the characteristics of the viruses each player sees, they can confirm the harmful viruses appeared in that round. VR player only needs to point out the harmful virus to finish the game. If players can select all the harmful viruses within the time, they win the game!

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