We didn't want to sit helplessly by during the Covid19 Pandemic, but could not easily find ways to help. Given our skillsets, we quickly build and launched an easy, secure way for local volunteers to connect with those in need around them.

What it does

Let's end the pandemic - together - by keeping the quarantined at home. connects local volunteers with those in need.

How I built it

Copied another app that was in-progress, re-used the social and auth scaffolding then augmented the app with volunteer-specific needs.

Challenges I ran into

Dev: Creating a secure messaging system that allows users to email eachother without revealing their personal emial accounts. (think: craigslist). Users have an email such as "" that they can send mail from and share vs. their private accounts.

Non-Dev: How to make the messaging succinct, but helpful while keeping the tone collaborative vs. "I need help, please." to easy any emotional blocks some people may have about asking for assistance.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Speed to production and the help of friends and coworkers for quick testing.

What I learned

It is much more difficult, UX-wise, to build a simple app vs. a complicated one.

What's next for

Planning to launch on Tuesday, March 31st!

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