The idea to develop this game was inspired by the extensive misinformation about the Covid-19 virus shared across social media and the internet. It is a problem that we found harmful to leave unhindered and potentially more dangerous that the virus itself and that is why Coviducator will be created as a possible solution.

What it does

Coviducator will be an entertaining but educational game that tests the player’s knowledge of true and false information surrounding the Covid-19 virus. The game will also include an 'Ask a doctor' feature for the players to have discussions with a specialist who is trained to assist Covid-19 patients

How we will build it

The tools we plan to use are python, django and MySQL to develop the web application for Coviducator.

Challenges we ran into

The first challenge was that the team planned to build an android application but had to scale down to a web application because of the team's limited technical skills. That is also why we would be using python and flask instead of the other well known tools.

What's next for Coviducator?

After this hackathon, Covidicator would be further developed to be a mobile application. Also, more features would be added to the app

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