Basic code for a website to monitor current COVID statistics based on Johns Hopkins Data. Graphs to view spikes, twitter feed from officials, simple contact tracing and a website overlay. Personal to individual cities.

Created By: Christian Bakhit, Jonathan Bakhit, Emma Levitsky, Joy Yeh

Current pandemic and we found that there were no simple solutions that not only give you the data but the latest information. Figured it would be a good starting challenge for freshmen. :)

Twitter API - Done through Python, parses CDC tweets, and outputs it. COVID-19 API - Java: Takes Current JHU data from a website and prints it out as CSV. Graphs API - Python: Takes CSV and outputs a simple line graph. And, a Fun website to show it all. :)

Challenges: We were all pretty unfamiliar with WordPress and Google Cloud. First time hosting a web server and spent like 10 hours doing that on a raspberry pi. Finally finished it with MongoDB and PHP and was told that google had it way simpler... So I moved to that.

Current Issues: Data on the website does not currently update as we could not figure out how to use the google cloud to access the file structure. All pieces have been completed, however.

The best part was working with a team, learning more about website hosting (HTML, javascript, and PHP) and some bits of how the Google Cloud works.


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