Inspiration- I was inspired by my mother working in a nursing home, In collaboration with different backgrounds, tried to find an solution to help the Elderly or people in poverty that lost their job in this difficult moment in time in and after the Corona crisis. We hear every day on TV that Elderly are most vulnerable to the virus at this moment to protection against the virus information and advise. and those medical professionals are not available to talk, difficult to reach.

After a brief research in nursing home, I found out that there was no person who liked to use there smart phone using applications in my country, So, we thought to build something that would give the Elderly, Easily using text base responses. We came up with the “Covidshield”

What it does - AI chatbot for sms platform to engage and reduce stress for Elderly by giving medical information and calls for advise for early symptoms for covid-19 using telegram.

How I built it- It's an idea that has been built on telegram in this hackathon with a python, chatbot asking questions with 20 Elderly people over one doctor. Because of my mom is a nurse in a nursing home I was allowed to test this in the morning of the first day of the hackathon and had to wear a mask and gloves for interviewing them.

Challenges I ran into- The infrastructure to build it upon this hack is very hard with only two people a lot of the backend and frontend. But also how to fund it as well as how to pick which country to test it out on in the European Union on a larger scale.

Accomplishments - Built a min telegram build that checks symptoms for one cancer Malaria. We changed are mind the end of the first day and we knew it would take a lot of work to get this finished.

What I learned- I've been in a lot of startup companies and I've learned there is never a bad idea it just matters about timing and the team. After this hackathon I will have a lot of challenges because of team building and other stuff if I was to implement this as a business.

What's next for CovidShield- trying to build and grow a platform for MSM is to build a team and build infrastructure for testing after hackation.

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