Our game stems from the current global pandemic we are grappling with and the importance of getting vaccinated. As many of our loved ones are getting sick, we believe it is important to stress the effectiveness of vaccines and staying protected from Covid in a fun and engaging game.

What it does

An avatar runs through a school terrain while trying to avoid obstacles and falling Covid viruses. The player wins the game by collecting vaccines and accumulating points, successfully dodging Covid, and delivering the vaccines to the hospital. Try out our game by following the link to github!

How we built it

After brainstorming our game, we split the game components into 4 parts for each team member to work on. Emily created the educational terrain using various assets, Matt created the character and its movements, Veronica created the falling Covid virus spikes, and Ivy created the vaccines and point counter. After each of the components were made, we brought it all together, added music, and our game was completed.

Challenges we ran into

As all our team members had never used Unity before, there was a big learning curve and we faced some difficulties while navigating the new platform. As every team member worked on a different scene on our Unity project, we faced some tricky merge conflicts at the end when we were bringing our project together.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We're proud of creating a fun and educational game that teaches the importance of getting vaccinated and avoiding Covid.

What we learned

For this project, it was all our first time using the Unity platform to create a game. We learned a lot about programming in C# and the game development process. Additionally, we learned a lot about git management through debugging and resolving merge conflicts.

What's next for CovidRun

We want to especially educate the youth on the importance of vaccination, so we plan on introducing the game into k-12 schools and releasing the game on steam. We would like to add more levels and potentially have an infinite level that is procedurally generated.

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