The biggest problem in current Covid19 scenario is to trace all the people who had social contact with Covid19 positive person as early as possible. By the time officials identify these contact, each contact would have further infected 1000s in just 1-2 days. Thus creating a fusion chain leading to Covid cases exponential growth.

Idea Description

CovidRadar is an anonymous, passive & offline location-aware app which continuously run in the background & alerts its users in real-time if they have come in social contact (up to 5meters) with a Covid-19 positive person in last 14 days.

CovidRadar also gamifies the quarantine stay & rewards the users with an opportunity to earn gift cards if quarantine protocols are followed at home.

Thus CR acting as a crowdsourced citizen app and Quarantine Management Assist that works without Internet to safeguard its users from Covid.

How it works?

CovidRadar exchanges short-range Bluetooth signals with other users of the app to create an offline database of the people you have come in social contact with. CovidRadar can track users location up to 5meter accuracy using cellphone GPS, BLE Bluetooth and Network Mast and links it to user’s mobile number and Adhaar.

Whenever someone is marked positive for Covid19, our app fetches the infested traces & alerts users if they have come in social contact with the infected person at the same time & location.

Thus, stopping further spread of Covid & rewards users to follow all quarantine protocols thus giving them a chance to earn for helping.


CovidRadar is already beta tested and deployed at Help is needed with regulatory compliance, funding and marketing support.

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