Communities need to connect and help each other now more than ever with the events going on in today's world

What it does

Shows you local projects and foundations that you can donate to, in your area or generally, and allows you to send money to help the charitable cause to fight COVID-19.

How I built it

We used React on the front-end and Flask on the back-end. We used google cloud api to do reverse geolocation and used MongoDB to store and query our data. Our site is hosted from our free domain from!

Challenges I ran into

Unable to properly send data back and forth between our custom api from the back-end but we eventually managed to fix these issues in time for the deadline, they're functional now!

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Managed to figure out how to send data from Mongo to Flask, and from Flask to React simply, without too much overhead. The application looks pretty good for how it was constructed.

What I learned

Learned about sending back status codes and errors back from Flask, and how to update state in react.

What's next for CoviDonate

Some parts of the code may not be using the defacto react way to do certain things since we learned on the fly, so that will be updated as we learn more about Flask and React. If this ends up becoming a big project, we will probably refactor this so that its easier for other members of the open-source community to contribute. The community can take this web app from there.


Since SSL isn't enabled for, some features may not be fully functional. If you use the heroku app one, it should function fine.

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