Lack of robust, reliable and up-to-date data translates into human losses. The lack of information and the non-interaction between different types of data leads to improvisation and ineffective responses, as we have seen in recent weeks. This, together with the slowness in updating the available information, makes it difficult to make intelligent use of the resources we have. We start from atomized resources in a globalized scenario. In the clinical context, the direct consequences of this situation are times of development of solutions, either in the form of drugs or diagnostic/prognostic tools, which are slower than necessary. All this inefficiency translates into increased morbidity and mortality.

What it does

Its a curated repository of molecular, pharmacological and clinical data available from COVID19, and also an analytical tool for clinical focused-research.

How I built it

We built a small demo in the context of #vencealvirus Hackathon in Madrid - Spain a couple of weeks ago. We're currently developing the tool

Challenges I ran into

Putting together a multi-disciplinary team with scientists, developers, and mathematicians and make the work in the same direction in a short timeframe

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Develop the seed of the idea, and bringing it here

What I learned

We'll need institutional support to develop this kind of tool, also it is difficult to make it shine among social and economic proposals because, although it has great potential, it's very specific and it uses are not mainstream

What's next for CovidOmics - smart data against COVID19

Launch a beta version with some data and tools to be tested by the scientific community

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