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COVIDnow is a lightweight, highly available COVID-19 monitoring / alert system.

Know it all at a glance
  • Elegantly presents the pandemic metrics in the terminal.
  • Reports real-time Worldwide COVID-19 data, including:
    1. Countries
    2. Confirmed cases
    3. Deaths
    4. Recovered cases

In terminal, type npx @covidnow/covidnow

🎉Voilà! It's that easy! You can now glace the countries, confirmed cases, deaths and recovered cases around the world at ease.


Data sources

WHO Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19)

Baidu Real-Time Coronavirus Report

Centre for Health Protection

  • [ ] Alert notification on telegram
  • [ ] Support RSS on Breaking News 🚨
  • [ ] Add useful links
  • [ ] Add useful information, travel advices & health tips
  • [ ] Dashboard enhancement (Interactive fields)
  • [ ] More to come...🚂

Stay safe and stay home, wish you all good health.

Made with ❤️& care in Hong Kong #StayHome

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