As a COVID affected victim, I have unfortunately not been able to get myself tested for the past 3 months. This is either because of my fear of spreading the virus, or getting infected again or the fear of the test itself. I am consciously trying to avoid going to the hospital or the doctor or inside a testing facility with other patients around.

What it does

COVIDkits is the safest, fearless approach to providing testing kits to the masses which indirectly would help control the spread.

How we built it

We are envisioning this platform to be available on an app. Once the patient signs up, they are provided a checklist which the patient would review and sign off. Based on the symptoms, they will be provided the time slots and day to pick up the kits. (Any severe symptoms would direct them to call 911). The test kits will be housed in a standalone PICK UP booth located at various neighborhoods. This process will be completed once the patient shows their QR code they received at signup which they will use to unlock their kit. This booth will spit out the kit which the patient can pick up and walk away. No contact with anyone, no touching the machine - a seamless testing experience.

Challenges we ran into

We are currently exploring if this should be a standalone platform or a technology we can use to work with medical facilities.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Our idea, even though in concept stage has been well received. We are currently in talks with potential investors to explore this opportunity further.

What we learned

We are currently exploring the fears and challenges that people are facing with regards to the current COVID-19 testing.

What's next for COVIDkitz

We are looking to formalize our idea with the feedback and interest we have already received.

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