During this outrages pandemic many people have been struggling to keep in good health both mentally and physically. Seeing how the Covid-19 pandemic has struck mankind made me realize that there was no website that gave an in-depth information of Covid-19 in the various countries. There was no website that let you find the nearest clinic from your location and get the updated news.

What it does

The CovidHelp is a website that is build on node.js which help you find nearest clinics using your device geolocation. The clinics section has both a map and list view of the nearby clinics. The website also has a section where the latest Covid-19 news in various countries are displayed and the various Covid-19 status in both map and list view. CovidHelp also has a physical health section where you can take a self-assessment and learn more about covid-19 and isolation methods. The website also has a chat and contact section where user can message to each other about the pandemic and also report any suggestion or concerns to the developer.

How I built it

The CovidHelp is a website build on node.js, it uses html, CSS and JavaScript. The website uses the mdbootstrap library, bootstrap library for CSS and used several API’s. I used the Smartable AI for getting the latest covid-19 news, the covid-19 API for the latest Covid-19 status in various countries. I also used the Canada Covid-19 testing Center API which allowed me to get the various testing center in Canada.

Challenges I ran into

I ran into: During the development of the CovidHelp website I ran into several issues. One of the most time consuming section was getting UI working for the map view and list view. This was hard due to the UI limitation for the bootstrap library. For that purpose, I used the mdbootstrap library which gave me better result for these section. I also hard time getting the API’s working. One of the hardest API’s I had to work with was the news API which took along time due to the output result coming in an unorganized way, formatting this result took several hours. While building the website the authentication section challenged me because I was new to using firebase and really didn’t know how to use it. However, after a while of reading the documentation I soon understood how it works and implemented to the website.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

What I am most proud of is how I finally got the map view and list view working and how the chat section was able to handle several users at a time. I am proud of how I was able to get the correct API and get them working.

What I learned

The most important thing I learned while building the website is learning how to work with firebase, to use there authentication and the Realtime database. I also learned about the mdbootstrap library which allowed me to creates very beautiful UI.I also learned how to use some of the most common Covid-19 API’s and how to handle various post and get request.

What's next for CovidHelp

Develop more feature that would help user to learn about Covid-19

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