LocoJobs Pitch Created By: Eunsuh (Jasmine) Cho, Nikhita Meka, Nitish Malluru, Jedidiah Samrajkumar

Through the COVID-19 pandemic, we created LocoJobs to support people who are unemployed by supplying them with safe remote jobs to apply for. Our goal is to help people hoping to find employment during these trying times easily find remote jobs in the US. We were inspired to create this website because we as workers in the workforce needed to find a safe alternative after losing out jobs to covid. While being unemployed, looking for remote jobs took hours of research and we thought, there has to be a better way! This lead us to create LocoJobs.

The UI and UX of LocoJobs was created using Python and HTML web-design. Through the process, our group members all learned new features of creating a website with HTML from syntaxes simple as bolding letters to creating shapes or reformatting our logo to fix on the header of our website. Some challenges we faced was getting the API of Indeed for the job listings, but we found an alternative to finding the source outcode for Indeed.

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