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The COVID-19 pandemic and the constant apprehension of contracting the virus. Many people's jobs have a very strong physical element to it, and so, have a higher risk of contracting COVID-19 in their day to day lives.

What it does

This project will help reduce the mental fear of catching the worrisome COVID-19 virus because employers can now monitor the temperature fluctuations about a given employee in a given time period and determine if they are fit and safe to work and don't pose a threat to anyone's wellbeing. This is easily integrated into their day to day lives by collecting temperature data in a seamless manner, through devices such as an AirPod, which can track your temperature effortlessly while you're listening to your favorite song.

How we built it

We are employing the usage of a Raspberry Pi hardware device that is connected to a temperature sensor and simulates a Proof of Concept hardware for our devices. The Pi was able to send the collected data to Firebase with the help of a Python script. Firebase's Firestore was appropriately organized and populated so our React Web Application could able to pull the data according to a specific user in real-time and display the temperatures in a distinguishable manner such that an employer could easily notice trends and make decisions regarding whether an employee is at risk of transmitting COVID.

Challenges we ran into

We were going to implement a Convolutional Neural Network model that is trained on temperatures of people who tested negative for COVID-19 and when given a temperature set is able to categorize whether an individual is at risk of getting COVID-19 accurately. However, we were unable to do so because of time constraints.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Each and every member of the team was able to work on an aspect of full-stack development that we were relatively inexperienced in. Some things such as the frontend design looked very aesthetic and clean in our opinion as well as being fully dynamic which can update in real-time with Firebase. In addition, the hardware component of the project, unlike many others, was actually proven to be possible (by PoC) and would outline details through the schematic.

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What we learned

Some of the teammates learned frontend, database development, hardware components, and some learned all three components. Overall, we learned to push through our comfort zone as none of us had ever connected a Raspberry Pi project to a database, let alone be able to present the database in a user-friendly way for current employers.

What's next for covidFree 2021

Hopefully, nothing, because that means the end of the pandemic! 🙃

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