The swiss population is living an unprecedent crisis. Citizens are overloaded with information related to COVID-19 and they have many questions without answers… They don’t know on which data source to rely and where to find answers. It is a tiring daily exercise. Similarly the professional of heath, public authorities are overwhelmed with unnecessary support preventing them from focusing on the most urgent cases.

What it does

We created a bot using the knowledge of selected experts to answer all the questions swiss citizens might have during the COVID-19 crisis. “Covidfact” shares information 24/7 and gives up-do-date answers based on trustworthy facts, guidelines and tips to help people get through this crisis with confidence. 

How we built it

The chatbot enabled by IBM Watson has been trained with the knowledge and data extracted from trusted sources and experts.

Challenges we ran into

  • Missing front end developer skills -Ideation phase virtually but it is part of the game ;) -Time constraints -Lack of sleep

Accomplishments that we are proud of

  • a true impact and support to the swiss citizens
  • an innovative way to provide accurate and trustable data
  • an intuitive solution for any people with information 24/7
  • help people get through this crisis with confidence
  • Great team spirit -A lot of work accomplished in a short amount of time -creation of a concrete actionable initiative

What we learned

  • Running virtual ideation phase
  • Working day & night
  • New skills (UI,UX, mock-up creation, creative video, pitching)

What's next for Covidfact

  1. Feedback & User test session Request feedback and test the prototype with real users to adapt the prototype thanks to their feedback
  2. Scale &�Implement Find a solution to offer experts and everyone the possibility share their knowledge on the platform. After the crisis, the bot will continue supporting the Swiss citizens with other questions they might have.

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