Inspiration :

It's inspire me from water spreading through sprey pipes in garden of india.

What it does :

It does senitizing every time when you enter in room without touching any places.

How we built it :

We built this in at the entrance of room door like one type of box entrance have twp doors .where person stay inside box & senitize then he go out from box & the other door open inside the room & one door of box is open outside of room.senitizer supply from control room when one person cotrol from computer & whenever people entered in box that controler press button from his computer & senitizer spray spread from the pipe inside the box . Box size is 4×4 ft & hight is 7 foot.

Challenges we ran into :

Whenever senitizar finished you capt extra senitizer containers inside the control chamber of supplying room.

Accomplishments that we're proud of :

We're proud of it's an indian engineering technology .

What we learned :

Through this technique we learned safety is first priority .

What's next for Covidefence :

Try to get something new ideas for safety related.

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