We were inspired by people around the world who have been negatively impacted by Coronavirus. Personally, I know many people in my hometown in India who have gotten the disease but have been unable to connect to others. Additionally, according to Vox News, only around 40 Covid Support Groups exist. Moreover, many of them are based locally, meaning that people across the globe still can't connect.

What it does

Our website focuses on connecting people across the globe who have been impacted by the disease - specifically, we would like to connect those who currently have the disease with those who have had the disease.

How we built it

We used a firebase backend for our database, and linked it up by creating an API using node.js. We used react for the front end to display dynamic and good looking information.

Challenges we ran into

We couldn't adequately use busboy to display profile pictures, leading us to scrap that idea. Another challenge we ran into was connecting the front end and api backend, which we were eventually able to do. Additionally, this was our first time doing a hackathon, so time pressure was an issue, but I think we were able to relatively resolve that.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We're proud of being able to have a working login and database, as well as a post model. This was difficult as it was our first time doing basically all of this, but we definitely think we got a lot done. Additionally, we're proud of our idea, because we truly believe that we are helping solve an important issue.

What we learned

We learned how to use firebase, make our own api, use JSON, connect all of the backend to react, and display a counter using a third party API, the coronavirus API.

What's next for CovidConnect

Our next step would be to make a better post making system, a built in chat feature, and a way for a person to specifically look at a user's profile. Additionally, we would like to expand onto phone applications as well.

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