We were inspired by seeing a variety of fake information being spread about covid 19 on social media. We found this to be particularly scary, harmful and dangerous. We wanted to make something to help combat this. COVID-19 is also an ever evolving situation. That means that the information is constantly changing and we found it difficult to keep up with what was true what was false.

What it does

With our website, you can enter any information that you've heard about coronavirus and we can tell you what the facts are. We get this information from the World Health Organization and we use web scraping to make sure that the information is always accurate.

How I built it

We use JavaScript for the web scraping and module called cheerio we also used node.js to make the front end stuff and CSS to make everything look pretty.

Challenges I ran into

Being a rather international team, two team members were located in Singapore, one in Berlin and one in Canada. One of the challenges we faced was finding times where all of us were free. However, I think that this challenge made us stronger in the end as it allowed for more productivity

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I'm proud that we managed to complete this project in time and work together. I'm also proud of my team, that we all tried new things and just gave it our best shot.

What I learned

We used Cheerio library to take the data from trustful source. We also learned how to use node.js for the first time and I learned how to use CSS to animate stuff and how to position stuff using CSS.

What's next for Covidchecker

We want to expand the websites we scrape to include a greater variety of organisations and from different countries, for example, CDC or MOH.

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