The Covid 19 virus has likely already spread to your community. It is even more scary knowing that most people are transmitting it asymptomatically. Because of this, it is crucial for us to track and test potential carriers.

Currently, there is no good way to track the spread of the virus. Countries like China have tried to tackle this issue by tracking people’s locations using a smartphone app. However, these approaches have a glaring issue, the lack of user privacy.

I wanted to create a way to track people who had been in contact with potential COVID carriers, but with it being done without breaching anyone’s privacy.

What it does

CovidChain is a web app that allows users to assess their risk of having COVID-19. User information is stored on BlockStack’s decentralized storage system, meaning no central party has access to your private information. Our peer-to-peer approach means no user has access to other people’s sensitive data either.

How I built it

BlockStack is used to authenticate user login, the Google Maps Geolocation API retrieves the users coordinates of their travel history.

Each user only stores their own location history and the IDs of people they have been in contact with. This P2P approach ensures no one has access to someone else's travel history, COVID status, or any other sensitive info.

CovidChain uses BlockStack's decentralized storage system called Gaia, where each user is given their own hub to store their location history. Metadata is stored on their blockchain while the actual info is encrypted and stored in a decentralized manner. This layered approach is much faster than storing and reading data from a normal blockchain, and no central parties are involved, keeping info in the users hands.

Challenges I ran into

Working with BlockStack was a challenge, as well as implementing the Google Maps API.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Successfully figuring out how to work with encrypted data in BlockStack's storage.

What I learned

Working with BlockStack and the GoogleMaps API

What's next for Covidchain

Implement this idea with cheap to manufacture wearable devices, to allow less fortunate people without access to smartphones to stay safe. Also make UI look better.

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