We wanted to make a fun game in the beginning, but then we thought about how we can make it useful considering the world COVID situation. We see so many videos on the internet of moms trying to make their children wash their hands by singing or other fun interactive ways, and we thought that considering kids and young teenagers like playing mobile games, this is a catchy useful game that can teach you what are the good ways of protecting yourself from the virus.

What it does

Your goal as the player is to achieve the highest score possible! You control a set of hands (or masked face, depending on player selection) that moves horizontally across the screen, catching any falling objects that land in its grasp. Catch a mask, hand sanitizer, or pair of gloves and your score will increase by 1. However, catch a virus or less than 2 meters sign and the two people on each side of the screen will move a step closer to each other! Let them get too close and it’ll be GAME OVER! An integrated scoreboard on the main menu allows you to play against your friends, or even yourself, tracking the highest scores in any given session

How we built it

We made a catching isolation-inspired videogame using Python and its diverse Pygame libraries.

Challenges I ran into

It was our first time working in Pygame. Moreover, of course, it was very hard collaborating online. We are three friends that come from different places in the world and we just share screens and split the work.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We are proud of making it look so good and finishing it in time. We are proud to make it such a catchy interesting game that can be useful for many.

What I learned

How to use Python and Pygame, and wonderful fun games we can do

What's next for COVIDcatch

We can publish it to PlayStore or AppStore so that this catchy game can be of help for young people quarantining. We plan on introducing leaderboards, for people more experienced in protecting from the virus to be on top. Sound effects, better animation, a level system with speeds, and more virus threats falling off. There are lots of things we can introduce to make it even more interesting and catchy. We can have a section of learning, where young children can see how every object helps - a mask, gloves, sanitizer, and how not keeping distance, not avoiding crowded places can be dangerous.

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