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The inspiration for CovidCarolina comes from ConnectCarolina, UNC's student center. ConnectCarolina has a retro interface, but is clunky and often impractical. Our app, CovidCarolina retains the retro interface, but has more tailored functionality for the remote student to succeed in college. We used our experience as remote students in order to design a CovidCarolina that was functional, easy to use and filled with features we found useful in our day to day life.

What it does

CovidCarolina has many functions for the remote student to survive college during the pandemic. Some of the things our app does include:

  • Provide mental health support resources
  • Easily calculate course grade (with all of the weighting taken into account)
  • Stores course names and zooms in a schedule for easy access
  • Play calming ambient sounds such as wind, rain and fire
  • Displays the time in Chapel Hill
  • Places important links such as student email, ConnectCarolina, sakai (our LMS) and GroupMe on one page.
  • A login page to protect the student's data (the password is #goHeels and the onyen is whatever you want!)

How we built it

We used Tkinter for the GUI and coded the entire project in Python.

Challenges we ran into

We did not have much experience with Tkinter before this project, so there was a lot of learning on the day of. It was also tricky to bind Python function to the GUI, as well as implement a full scale project instead of small chunks of code.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Deploying an entire app in a limited amount of time! We had never really done this before and we're proud to have made something functional and useful as first year students. This app can definitely be an asset to students even in its current form.

What we learned

Tkinter, how to find and effectively use resources/tutorials online, and more Python!

What's next for CovidCarolina

Adding more functionality to CovidCarolina including a todo list and a social sphere. We could also potentially bring this app model to other colleges, since these functions are useful for all remote college students! And...maybe making the UI more modern or at least giving the student the option to choose between a retro and modern UI.

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