The problem our project solves :

As the Coronavirus outbreak continues to engulf the globe, the world's scarce healthcare resources threatened to be overburdened. There is 1 doctor for every 666 patients and 2.7 hospital beds per 1,000 persons. This makes overcrowding of hospitals and burnout of healthcare workers a likely scenario. The lack of qualified health personnel in remote regions along with the high population density is a major concern as the world fights coronavirus. People need someone to guide them, assist them, listen to their problems, and help them feel relaxed. It is the need of the hour to assist hospitals and laboratories by reducing their burden, and offloading the patients to a digital hospital.

The solution we bring to the table (including technical details, architecture, tools used) :

Our platform provides a COVID-19 diagnostic test that will analyze the responses to the questions through integrated technology like computer vision for facial analysis, NLP to parse the user responses, location identification to calculate distance from the nearest COVID-19 cluster, and voice recognition. These technologies will help in generating the diagnosis report and determining the probability of a person having the Coronavirus. After completing the test, patients will have the option to visit the doctor’s room to get their report reviewed and get a consultation from the doctor instantly. The patients are sort according to the potential risk, and high-risk patients can book the COVID-19 physical test from our partnering labs directly from the platform. There are additional rooms like Mental Health Room, Nutritionist Room, Digital Nurse Room, and Reception Desk like an actual hospital, which altogether helps in assisting the patient through the current challenging time, and living a balanced and healthy life.

The solution’s impact to the crisis :

In order to ensure every COVID-19 patient receives quality treatment, it is essential to offload workload to automated systems. The A.I powered digital hospital and coronavirus laboratory will help in performing millions of COVID-19 tests each minute and provide A.I monitored real-time doctor consultation to patients. We aim to provide quality healthcare to each and every individual across the country, which is not possible through traditional hospitals which are expensive to set up. The digital hospital and laboratory will provide the country’s best healthcare facilities to all the patients across different states through the power of A.I

The necessities in order to continue the project :

We would need to on-board more doctors on the platform to ensure that we can provide consultation and assistance to all the patients in these tough times. Also, we would require COVID-19 positive patients to take our diagnostic test so we can fine-tune our testing algorithms.

The value of your solution(s) after the crisis :

Initially, we are focusing on COVID-19 due to the current panic and increasing risk. But in the coming weeks, we would add more tests to our digital testing laboratory, which would be powered by the same A.I technology, which we are developing for our COVID-19 test. That way, by reusing the A.I technology, we can add many more tests like a general weekly health checkup, mental health checkup, diet checkup, etc. for the users of our platform. We have planned to keep all the diagnostic tests in the digital laboratory free of cost to bring a large number of users and help them alleviate the feeling of panic through an instant diagnosis. After finishing the diagnostic test, we will redirect the patients to the doctor’s room. The doctor consultation will be chargeable, which will be very inexpensive in comparison to the regular doctor fees due to the advantage of the bulk consultation bookings as compared to traditional hospitals, which can only serve a limited area based on their location. We would monitor the consultation using automated A.I for generating prescriptions and analyzing the doctor consultation in real-time to ensure that the experience was seamless and genuine for both the doctor and patients. Both the doctors and patients will have 24x7 access to their personal dashboard on the website from where they can contact each other, and access the reports, prescriptions, and other features.

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