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The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way we consume healthcare. As per a recently organised survey, 66% of the people said they would prefer a telemedicine consultation over a visit to the doctor's clinic. Clearly, digital remote consultations are the way to go forward. To help the healthcare industry transition into this new form of communication, we have built CovidCare.

CovidCare is a one-stop solution that helps a person from diagnosis to the time they finish recovering. We have used Artificial Intelligence at every stage to help both doctors and patients. For example, patients can use our A.I based digital nurse to book doctor appointments, ask health-related queries, and more.

Our A.I algorithms also screen a patient prior to their doctor consultation so we can save the doctor's time by collecting vital information such as how the person is feeling, determining if the person has fever or cough, and evaluating the symptoms they are facing. Based on the patient's responses, the A.I then suggests the ailments which the patient might be going through. The doctor can use the conclusions of the A.I to make the diagnosis even faster.

We have also trained our A.I to monitor the doctor consultation in realtime and generate a prescription report for the same. This is done using Natural Language Processing and helps in saving the doctor's time. If the doctor advises clinical tests or medicines, our platform connects the patient with the nearest medical shops and laboratories.

There is also a mental relaxation room that patients can use to relax and calm themselves. That's CovidCare, the world's first A.I powered digital hospital and laboratory. Thanks a lot for watching!

How I built it

The project was built using Node.js at the back-end and HTML, CSS, and JS for the front-end. The parts of the website involving the screening test, the doctor consultation, and prescription report generation use A.I technologies under the hood.

Challenges I ran into

We ran into a bunch of issues while finalizing our backend and training our A.I algorithms. But we managed to pull through :)

What I learned

CovidCare helped us learn a lot. We learned a lot more on how to deploy a website, how to solve bugs and how to work together as a team.

What's next for CovidCare

We will work on ironing out the niggles we couldn't during the hackathon and roll out a stable version of the product. We will then reach out to investors to get our product to the market.

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