People in these hard times are facing fear and uncertainty coming from all directions and the ones facing the most are those who are at high risk. Our inspiration is derived from observing the brave souls at the research and healthcare front that are working hard every day to find ways to win this global fight for humanity's survival.

What it does

We are creating an app that provides information and recommendations for the general population as well as catering to individual needs and those at high risk or with specific conditions, such as:

  • Patients with Heart Disease
  • Patients with Diabetes
  • Patients with Lung Disease
  • Patients with Immune Deficiency
  • Patients with Cancer
  • Elderly
  • Health Care professionals: (nurses, doctors and any health staff)

The software connects research facilities such as John Hopkins Research center or Stanford research center and the people by providing a means of sharing new findings. Users enter their health risk or condition in the application or on the website. They are then provided with recommendations that are catered for their specific needs. In the case of a complication or any uncertainty, they are advised to call their doctor or health care provider. Health care providers are supplied from the app with the latest information on how to minimize everyday risk. The database is updated regularly based on research developments. Any related articles will be provided and users are notified right away. The overall objective of the application is to inform the public and patients with the latest information related to the COVID-19 pandemic and any related recommendations that fit their needs.

How it's built

This application is built to be simple and easy to use for the everyday person and it can become personalized easily. the application and website are also accessible to people with certain disabilities such as blindness and will also follow mental health guidelines in its design and technical compatibility. Information provided to the user is drawn from respected research centers such as john Hopkins research center.

Challenges we ran into

Making sure we are using reliable sources and testimonies to make sure we are providing the most recent and accurate information we could.

Accomplishments that we are proud of

Working alongside Dr. Basem Kayali M.D., FACC. on Research for the project and receiving amazing input on the challenges healthcare providers are facing and how our project can help serve better.

What we learned

We learned that there are many misleading sources of information out there. We need to use the right sources to deliver the right information to the right people in a concise and simple way.

What's next for CovidCare

Officially Collaborating with research centers to receive updates and current research happening in each field.

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