Inspiration - The current times are what inspired us to make this project. We wanted something to help keep people safe.

What it does - It tracks the dangers of the virus as we wait in quarantine, as well as encouraging healthy behavior to contribute to better overall mental health.

How I built it - We built our app in Android Studio, using Git and GitHub. The languages used are Kotlin, Java, XML, and we are going to use SQL eventually.

Challenges I ran into - This was the first hackathon for most of our group, and our first time making a project in a group setting. This led to a lot of challenges because we were learning Git, GitHub, Android Studio, and their language Kotlin essentially on the spot. The unfamiliarity with everything led to a lot of errors and overall poor time management.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of - I am proud of everyone for committing the time and doing their best. Even though the result we had isn't close to what we were hoping it to be, I am still very happy with the work we did during the hackathon.

What I learned - We learned how to use Git, GitHub, and began learning about the capabilities of Android Studio

What's next for CovidBuddies - The next step for CovidBuddies is to make a friend system, so users will be motivated to keep up certain habits and record them in the app. Another thing for the future is to use the recorded data to show the user their trends and allow them to make decisions based on those trends. Finally, our last step is to create a group system so that users can join groups and have a safety rating as a whole of the group. This can also be used to see the user's friends "group safety" rating so they know whether or not to see certain people based on their rating.

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