Covid cases in the DFW area are rapidly increasing. Areas both on campus and near campus are starting to become more populated. A covid-risk tracking app in a high-risk social environment will help everyone prevent the spread of covid.

What it does

Our website calculates the daily covid risk using the user inputted data with factors such as number of people the user has seen and how many restaurants they have dined in. The tracker also provides a map of nearby covid hotspots.

How I built it

CovidBubble was built using React. The sign in page directs to our covid tracker that prompts the user to add in number of contacts and restaurants and produces the covid risk.

Challenges we ran into

A challenge we ran into is embedding the ArcGIS map onto the covid tracker page. Sorting the information with a simplistic UI was also difficult, as all of us are still beginners when it comes to creating React apps.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

CovidBubble is a way to track your risk to maintain a healthy social life while still being safe with the covid outbreak. It has a simple and easy to use UI and provides many ways to advocate for a policy. We are proud of successfully calling the ArcGIS API to return the nearby covid hotspots.

What we learned

We learned new APIs such as the ArcGIS API in React for the first time. Working on this website was great experience and we are looking forward to adding more features to help people connect on similar interests!

What's next for CovidBubble

We plan to include more factors that affect the covid risk such as mask/vaccine usage and travelling.

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