Matthew Halberg posted a video on Instagram about data visualization COVID AR for the USA that the first impression to do in India COVID AR

What it does

Visualization of data of coronavirus data in augmented reality.

How we built it

by learning the unity engine, AR foundation, JsonAPI, android native plugin, and 3d object interaction and the responses, transportation of the 3d objects interacting with the real-world entities.

Challenges we ran into

focusing on Dynamic objects at the run time and make it interact with the ray cast technology

Accomplishments that we're proud of

I and my friend had done the interaction of the dynamic loading and the server script for the runtime loaded objects with the custom behavior scrips provided by the echo ar.

What we learned

echo ar and the usage of dynamic loading objects.

What's next for COVIDAR

develop a featured product for data processing for any kind of data with the API symptom visualization in AR, AR chatbot.

Built With

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